PUBG – Lifetime


Lifetime Subscription Key to the PUBG Radar

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[+] Shows all players.
[+] Shows weapons/armor/items.
[+] Shows drop location of care packages.
[+] Shows all vehicles.
[+] Hotkeys to toggle showing loot.
[+] Hotkeys to zoom in/out.
[+] Range Tags for players incl. Height-difference shown.
[+] Aiming lines to easily locate players.
[+] Set 4 custom groups to show different items with the click of a button.
[+] Custom name items for easy identification.
[+] Overhead as well as chase view with sight tracking to see where you are aiming.
[+] Shows circles.
[+] Shows Red Zones
[+] Shows enemy aiming lines when aiming at you.
[+] Automatic Team Colours.
[+] Added Playernames.

Requirements :

DMA card installed ( e.g See This )

Win10 64bit – updated

An additional PC or virtual machine running Windows 10 64bit

Vpn connection to 2nd pc virtual machine – see guide


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