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It's a PCI Card with a FPGA Chip, connected to an external USB Port. Once installed in your PC you can access the physical memory through the USB port on the device. This stops anti-cheats to detect cheat-software as the cheat no longer needs to run on the same machine. Developing your own cheats with this hardware is very easy as our SDK allows you to easily access processes & memory of the target machine.

The RaptorDMA PCIe hardware is easy to install, you simply connect it to PCIe slot on your board and you are good to go! we also have a short installation video for you here

The RaptorDMA package box contain :

1x RaptorDMA PCIe card

1x USB3.0 2m cable

1x Aluminum 6061 bracket fiber carbon bracket

1x Damncheaters 30 day's inclusive subscription

a pc with win10 64bit installed
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